Theresa Hunt

Name: Theresa Hunt
Call: 2007 (Gray’s Inn)
Education: Cardiff Law School LLB, Wilford Watson Scholarship
Associations: Gray’s Inn

Practice Areas: Crime

Theresa regularly appears in the Crown Court on behalf of the defence on trials for dishonesty offences such as theft, burglary and robbery as well as offences against the person. Theresa has appeared in the Court of Appeal for both appeals against conviction and sentence. Theresa has a reputation for outstanding client care and fearlessly protects her clients’ interests at all times.

Theresa has also practised in immigration and family cases. She has a very personal approach to these specialist areas of the law and understands the overwhelming importance of the details and priorities of each of her clients

Theresa contributed to the 15th edition of Munkman on Employers’ Liability, which is the main practitioners’ text for employers’ liability and a good source for all personal injury lawyers.

Theresa has lived in Italy and is a fluent Italian speaker.

In her spare time Theresa enjoys swimming and running.

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